Powerful Surrounds to match the ML Statement E2 ??

I am currently in construction on a new home theater after a year of fits and starts and, though I had originally decided to use freestanding Logans for my surrounds, I can't seem to justify the imposition to the room's aesthetic.

Now I will be using ML Statement E2 freestanders for the front only and either in-wall or on-wall for the center and sides/rears.

ML used to make the Script and now they make the Voyage. They are different designs. Is anyone here familiar enough to let me know the sonic differences? I want the surrounds to big and engaging and have a matching sonic signature to the Statements. I am not sold on using ML's necessarily but I think electrostats might be best employed for timbral accuracy.

In my old home theater I used BG Radia Ribbons in the wall. They were 72" long and had a BIG sonic footprint. I would consider using them again but I am afraid of mixing technologies.

I am also concerned that the back of the room (it is 30' long) will be lacking in the bass that the Statements amply provide up front. I was wondering if a single rear sub (for movies only) would integrate well.

Any advice on these matters would be most graciously appreciated,

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