Powerful Integrated amp for Proac Super Tablettes

I'm looking for a powerful solid state amp to drive a pair of super tabs. I'm trying to spend less than $1000 new or used. Thanks.
Classe CAP-151 would be my choice. Sells new for $2400. I've seen them here for $1100.
Krell KAV 300i, but I don't know that it would match well with the Proacs. I'd have listen before making a call.
A Creek 5350SE or a Musical Fidelity A3 or A300 just might work.
i have owned a pair of super tabs for many years.Why do you think you need much power? ive driven them loud and clear with an old ps audio 2c...55 watts high current and with a bryston b60...beautiful and clean. hope this helps.

Creek or Naim- Krell not!!
Acurus DIA-150.
Bryston b-60...around 1k used...very clean and dynamic...20yr transferable warranty
Some time ago, I auditioned three amps with the STs; the CJ CAV-50, Densen Beat 100 and Mesa Tigris. If you can find one, the Mesa Tigris is the best sounding amp out of them all. The Densen is a close 2nd.
LFD Mistral SE, about $1,400.00 new, rarely seen used.
Proac sounds great with the ARC line. I have Proac Response 1SC's with an ARC CA-50 integrated (about 45 watts per channel) and am in heaven. The ARC integrated sells for about $1500 used on this site. Note: it is a tube integrated, but I recommend it anyway, for Proac.
Thanks very much for all of your help, all. Zonus, I am looking for a powerful amp because I hear that the speakers are notoriously insensitive. And the friend I need this amp for has exhibited little interest in tubes. I have all sorts of tube recommendations for him. Thanks again for all of your suggestions.
The Unison Research Unico 80 wpc hybrid integrated could be another possibility. I use one with 84dB sens. Spendor S3/5 loudspeakers in a small room to good effect. Current pricing is $1295.00 msrp. For the latest web review of the Unico: http://www.6moons.com/audioreviews/unisonresearch/unico.html
tandberg 3016.....200w into 8, 400 into 4......800 into 2