Powerful Integrated Amp for Inefficient Speakers

I've got a nice pair of Linn Sara 9 Isobariks, but they don't seem to be getting enough power from my YBA Integre integrated amp with Cardas Power Cord. The only associated equipment are an original Rega Planet and MIT Terminator 2 bi-wire, which I'm happy with.

This is a second system and I don't plan to use anything other than the Rega CDP. Does anyone have any recommendations for a "musical" integrated amp with some muscle to run my Saras?
The Plinius 8200 is a very nice sounding musical integrated amp and puts out 175 watt/channel. It has WAY more power than I need with any of my current speakers.


I just bought an NAD S300 Silver Series integrated amp
that is rated at 100 wpc, but sounds like a lot more.
It's driving my Hales T-5's and sounds better than the
Krell 250i I used previously. They're discontinued, but
I've seen several listed for around $1200.
I second the Plinius. I'm using it to run Revel m-20s. These aren't the most efficient speakers.... 87db I think, but the Plinius runs them quite well. I've seen these amps here on AA for 2k or less. One caveat, my system is in a small to medium-sized room, so keep that in mind. But the amp has a lot of power, and I can play these speakers as loud as I want without any trouble..... except hearing loss.

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Hi- One of the Arcam higher-powered integrateds would really sound good with your system. Even one of the older models used would be a great match. You would keep the classic "British" sound throughout the system, and I bet you'll love it!
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Musical Fidelity A300 - this is a stereophile class 'A' integrated (if you care about that) and is only $1600 new. It is a phenomenal sounding unit and value. It should have plenty of power for your application.

May be you should get YBA power amp of similar design/technology and bi-amp. I think this would be a cost-effective solution.
I previously had an Arcam Alpha 10 Integrated and while it was a "nice" amp, it didn't have the shear grunt power of my subsequent amps (Plinius 8200 integrated, Monarchy SM-70 monobloack amps). Even though the Arcam was rated at 110 per channel, the Arcam didn't seem to have the grunt of the Monarchy's @70 watt or not nearly as much as the Plinius @175/channel.

Not to say the Arcam won't work, but you can get a lot more control of those isobaric drivers with a more hefty power supply.

If you plan to use the Arcam integrated, you may want to buy the matching power amp and Bi-amp if the speakers support that option.


Just to clarify, the Musical Fidelity A300 is Stereophile Class B rated, the M3 Nu-Vista is Class A rated and is $4995.
Redgum RGi120, SS integrated from Australia, very musical with enough power to drive almost anything. Redgum makes what they call their ENR "signature series" which is a higher current model designed for inefficient speakers. Mine is the regular RGi120s and it has never disappointed. I will warn you though, the face plate is wood and very love it/hate it styling. Personally I wasn't crazy about it from pictures and the website, but after seeing it in person it is quite stunning. Highly reccommended.
I'm going to assume that you are looking for an integrated because of $$ and not because of space.

There are a few amps out there that are sonically pretty fantastic and not expensive. Check out Odyssey Stratos at http://odysseyaudio.com and read the reviews section. A fantastic, fast, and powerful amp at $995 or $2000 for a monoblock pair. The raves and reviews don't stop. I know several people that own the monoblock paired version's and just love 'em. You can have them custom made to your liking and they even come with a 20 year warranty. I've never actually listened to the Odyssey Stratos, but you will never hear anything negative about them from those that review or own them.

You could then pick up the Odyssey Tempest pre-amp for $995 which is also supposed to be pretty good. For $2k - $3k, you simply could not do better. IMO.