Powerful but "emotional" amps?

Looking for at least 50wpc tube power amp in $1k range. Hemonicaly rich amps and such. Not sure if Rogue, ARC and SF amps qualify? Need some suggestions. Thanks!
How about Quicksilvers? The three you mention are excellent, but more towards the "accurate" side of tube equipment, not Quickies. Other possibilities might be Cary or older VAC and CJ amps, used, but I don't know about their availability at that price.
The old Audio Research D79 could be had for that amount or less. Certainly it is harmonically rich and Audio Research still supports it with parts and service.
A little on the high side of your budget ($1200 or so used), but the Conrad Johnson Premier 11a is very rich sounding amp, and provides a pretty beefy 45 wpc or so into 8 ohms.
I suggest the ARC VT-60. They can be had used for less than $1000. I have one of the later units that runns off of 4 6550C's. I think the build quality is outstanding. The VT-60 is a high value unit but one that is very musical and has good bass punch.
I'm second to Quickies! Change the stock Chech Teslas to EIs and you'll get a giant-beater!
At first I was scratching my head about what I'd recommend, and then I read Albert Porter's post. Duh. The D79 is probably one of the most musical amps ever made. Nice call, Albert!

To comment on the 4-5-03 posting. You won't find a ARC
D-79A for less than $1400. These units are extremely rare.
The D-79B and C models generally go for around $1800 to $2500 (if you can find an owner willing to sell one).

ARC made about 200 total units of the whole D-79 series and like the D-150 they are collectable units which command a high price by collectors.

A nice ARC amp that sell for less than $800 is the D-70.
It's bigger brother, the D-115 can be purchased for around $1100-$1200. I've owned both of these amps and they are excellent. These amps are fairly common and you will see one or two every month for sale.
Another great amp for the price is the Ayre 3X, used for $1,100.