Powerful and strong ss amp at low cost.

I am looking for a used ss amp with 200+ wpc at 8 ohm, which is built like a tank, internally and externally.
Hafler DH500 would be an ideal choice. Which models would be similar to DH500 in its quality, ruggedness, and price?
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Here you go.... very powerful and at an excellent price.

here is the link that Rossman tried to post :


There are a lot of choices, but I guess the next question is what do you consider low cost ?

Here are a few to look at :




There are a lot more choices out there and maybe you just need to search the ads and see what interests you and falls in your price range.
Try a McCormack DNA-0.5 or Marsh A200 (or A400).

Parasound. Incredible build quality for the price.

Try the HCA-2200, or HCA-2200 II.

Conservatively rated at 250W/ channel, high current.

They come up for sale on 'gon quite often.

Or if you really want some serious power and spend a bit more then the HCA-3500, 350W/ channel, 90 lb. beast.

4004 MKii

I've owned both the Acurus A200 and A250. Build quality is outstanding, rugged as hell. Sound quality? A tad hard but it depends on the application. Probably as good as you'll find in your price range.
Many thanks.
I will look for some of those suggested -- Aragon, Parasound, Acurus, ... I would not care much about the sound quality since the amp would be mostly for playing background music.
Here ya go:
Samson Servo


Behringer A500
There is a Sony n9000es listed right now. It's a very well built multichannel amp but it has a 200wpc stereo mode. Worth considering!

Aragon 8008bb, Parasound A21, Musical Fidelity A308cr, Meridian 559 or 2-557 bridge,
Lots of good choices here. My pick: Sonographe SA-400. Conrad-Johnson quality at a budget price.
One of the best low cost SS amps I've had in my system is a B&K. Don't let the low price fool you. These are very good pieces and on the used market are a great bargain.

The added bonus is that they really sound pretty good, so don't let price be your only guideline.
Under a grand Adcom, BK are good choices
Innersound ESL
Ilcho, I have a DH-500 sitting right next to me, unused, if you are interested. I'd say it is cosmetically 7/10(being really critical), but in perfect working condition. I have used to it to drive a pair of subwoofers for ~4 years without any problems at all, but the last year I haven't had any use for it.

Shoot me an email through A'Gon if you are interested.
Aragon too.
Adcom GFA-555
Do any of these amps allow the connection of two sets of speakers (A or B)?

Check out AVA amps - all you're looking for - powerful, built like tanks inside and out - even look like tanks - just add tracks and a turret! Great customer service AND prices for what you get.

Carver TFM series. Lots of power. Not really built like a tank, but that was the point - tons of power from a lighter design. It did not need a real big transformer.
Look at Emotiva DOT com
The monarchy monoblocks should be considered, they were excellent at RMAF