powerful amp to drive ATC 20T 83db

hi, folks,

i just bought a pair of ATC 20T, low efficient 83 db. althoug they sound great but they very diffiuult to drive, any amp recommendation?
a friend told me that only class A amp not class A/B amp can handle it, is this true?
Mark levinson ML-3 might work.........
Krells drive ATC quite well. I've driven 10's and 50's with 'em. I assume the 20T's would behave the same. I've driven with both KSA 150 and KSA 250's. Both were very good combinations.
guess whats the best combo...........

Quad 606.

you wont believe it, but it does happened.
honestly, i'd use the ATC power amp and pre. they mate extremely well.

either way, enjoy the atc's. they're incredible. i use 50's and 10's. (the active versions)
thanks folks.
Lafish, i will be surprised if Quad 606 can really hadle this 20T?
a friend told me that KBA 75 is a good class A amp for ATC 20T? has any one heard of?
BTW, what will be the good IC or speakers cable for ATC?
Try a pair of the Clayton M-70's or M-100's, You'll never look back.

I did vertical bi-amping with two symphonic LineRGI, one for mid-tweeter, the other for woofer, and still cannot not reach good result for the woofer? did Clayton can really handle this tough woofer?
i am bout to quite this ATC 20T.....
Timchen, you would need a HUGE amp if it ran only in class A. Why not try ATC's own integrated? I heard ATC passive and they sounded better with the ATC int. than ATC active 10's.
Timchen, The Claytons run at true Class A and have a peek curent of 150amps on the 70's and 200amps on the 100's. My speakers are the ATCSCM50's, in the past I have run many amps on these speakers, amps like Krell KSA-250 and KMA-100 mono bloc's, Accuphase P-360 and P-300, Crown Macro Reference, Bat VK-500 and the Bat VK-60's mono bloc's and a few Adcoms as well as a PS Audio 250. All the above amps did some things right and failed in other areas. My main concern was wanting the slam of the bottom end with the joy of a undistorted mids and highs at high volumes. I was still on the hunt for the right combo when I came across a pair of the Claytons M-70's and did alot of checking up on them before I bought them. As soon as I turned them on and let the music flow, something inside me clicked, I knew I found what I was looking for. The more I played them, the more they did things right. I'm not trying to make this sound like a review for I'm far from being any type of High End Audio Reviwer, but if you can get a demo of these and run them on your ATCSCM20's I feel you will have that part of your music chain complete. Also you may want to note that when one of the many reviews were done on the amps, they did in fact team the amps up with a pair of ATC's. I will try to find the reviews on the amps and send you the links.