Powered Studio Monitors

Where is the best place to sell Powered studio monitors? Is Audiogon a good place to try to sell them?
Anyone? Im not talking about ATC or PMC, where a lot of people use their studio monitors for in home use.
I've seen some powered monitors here recently by Quad or KRK. They are still out there in the listings. There isn't much of a market here I think for powered monitors. Your best bet would be Craigslist or pro audio forums.
eBay is where I see most studio monitors. They don't go over well here, even though they can easily best more expensive passive speakers due to speaker and amp matching and active crossovers. I have the Quad 12L Actives, and they are fantastic. Not sure why the audiophile community doesn't embrace them.

Good luck,
Does anyone know of any good pro audio forums? I have a pair of dynaudio bm5a mk2 and focal cms65.
Ebay has a large pro audio monitor section and reaches more potential buyers than any other selling service. By far.
Gbase.com is mostly for guitars, amps, pedals, etc. but it always has a few pairs of monitors listed for sale.
How much do you want for the dyn's? I found them online new for $670, so keep that in mind. If the price is right, we could talk :-)
Yes I have tried Google....I have found some forums, but I was trying to get peoples opinions on what was the best, easiest way to sell them. I just dont want any hassle from sites like ebay or craigslist. Show me where you found them for $670.
Sorry, they are b stock, but they do come with a warranty. If I have any problems, I send them back.
Hmm, no response! Souljasmooth must be wanting to get more for them than I can get them for from a dealer with a warranty. Bet he'll wonder why he gets " low ball" offers....
Actually I havent given them any thought. If you can get them for so cheap and with a warranty, why dont you buy them?
My pair is in 7/10 condition. One owner and im not doing anything with them. Send me a message if you are serious about buying them. I dont want to break any forum rules by talking bout my stuff for sale