Powered speakers show audiophiles are confused

17 of 23 speakers in my studio and home theater systems are internally powered. My studio system is all Genelec and sounds very accurate. I know the best new concert and studio speakers are internally powered there are great technical reasons to design a speaker and an amp synergistically, this concept is much more important to sound quality than the vibration systems we often buy. How can an audiophile justify a vibration system of any sort with this in mind.


"That must be some kind of record @joysjane"

Yea, really sucks!

They were some seriously great sounding speakers before the BASH plate amps went kaput...

How could a Harmon company abandon these and not support them?  Are these very old?   From my little corner, I’ve never seen an ATC amp failure we could not repair. 


You may want to check out this workshop on mixing in atmos coming up with Sweetwater's Shawn Dealey:


Example, if you have two Levinson mono blocks driven by a Levenson preamp. Will powered speakers sound like Levenson? Or the plate amp inside the speaker? Why not runa cheapo $3,000 setup through a great set of powered speakers if that is the case? Why spend $20,000 on mono blocks if you won't hear their aplomb or character?