Powered speakers for a turntable

Putting together a system for my adult daughter. Getting her a turntable and giving her an integrated amp. She however has a small apartment and might prefer powered speakers. Considering PSB AM 3/5 or possibly Peachtree M25s or possibly Vanatoo Transparents? Any thoughts or comments?


Depending on budget : active speakers ,,,TRIANGLE ELARA and KANTO YU-6

I’ve had both in my C systems …. each has its strengths and warts



Moving up:



Vanatoo are fun; I've heard them over at least ten years and would like them in a small area.

My question is, what does the RIAA equalization from the turntable to give a line-level signal to the powered speakers? I didn't think the Vanatoo speaker had a dedicated phono input but am not sure.

Thinking for simplicity sake to just go for speakers that accept phono. Also she tells me that she has little space in her apartment so the usual type stands may not be acceptable. Speakers may go on a table near wall perhaps on short stands. maybe considering speakers that have a front port?

I’d still consider a small form factor amp and passive speakers. This combo is going to give you WAY more options for speakers. Powered speakers are going to have their own set of issues to deal with. Your going to need a power source for each speaker, plus there’s going to be more cabling involved.