Powered Speakers, does your streamer matter?

I’m curious if anyone here are using powered speakers (that have a built in DSP) tried different streamer and do they matter that much? Setting aside the software control app, has anyone tried various streamers (Bluesound/Lumin/PSAudio) using their SPDIF coax out into the speakers and heard a difference between them? Ideally Tidal high res (MQA) would be the source, not ripped CDs.

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Just my opinion; If I'm using a high quality streamer, I would turn off the DSP on the powered speaker. Try to get the audio from the streamer "true & flat", nothing added/nothing taken out. That would be my starting point; tone controls
(If any) at "0" or middle, too.
Then from there tweak it if needed.
PS Audio is excellent equipment.
The other brands; I don't know too well.
Have a blast with it!!
i am streaming Audirvana-Tidal from a Macbook Pro via USB to DAC to XLR to powered AirPulse Model 1 speakers which I guess use some sort of DSP in the digital amps . There is a optical input and DAC in the speakers but i only tested it a couple of times and now it seems that I have lost the optical output from my Mac probably due to an OS update..
I can’t answer since I don’t have powered speakers, but fwiw I would think that as with any audio component since different streamers have different audio signatures, it ought to matter considerably.  My newest streamer is a Bryston BDP3, which sounds different than my Bluesound Vault2, my Oppo 105, and my MacAir all into the same DAC.