Powered Speaker Cables

I tried searching, but couldn't find anything. Can someone tell me if there are benefits of powered speaker cables? If so, what are they? Or, is this a bunch of hype? As well, if there are threads you can lead me to, I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks
I've never heard of powered speaker cables.

You maybe messing up with networked cables such as MIT, Transperent that kind-a shunt reactance in the middle-way to the signal but at the same time increase the current loss so not every time the system will benefit from them...
Cable networks are 100%passive and I've never seen any active ones if that what you realy mean.

In my experience MIT or Transperent you should use when you need to tame hi-res brightness.
Do you mean the actively shielded cables, made by Synergistic?
Maybe Power cords for powered speakers?

I use transparent powerlink plus on my amp(bryston 4b-st) with a noticable improvement in bass extension.

I used a MIT z-cord on my pre/pro (Rotel rsp-976) with very little change, maybe a little blacker.

These are both relatively inexpensive cords, especially if bought used.

I imagine that Powercords for powered speakers would/could make an improvement.
Yes, speaker cables. The ones I saw were by Synergistic. I think MIT has some as well? Is that what they are is "actively shielded"? The guy said it really helps. Would that help the noise floor so that things are really quiet?
OK, Scot

If you consider the noise floor than I can tell that it 99.99999% depend on ELECTRONICS and the rest on wires(as long as they have tight well-soldered or crimped connectors). By acquiring wires with "lower noise floor" or "black background wires" it's meant that lacking one-over-a-hundred-thousand-th fracture for what you're going to pay up a price of nice diamond ring that looks much better visually:-)

Electronics are to be created and designed with influence of wires or allowed tolerance of wire load(that's why different wires act certainly different on components but not to the crazy degree of some "noise reduction").
Electronics that are sencitive to wires and "like" expencive ones such as Valhalla or Nirvana stuff meant to be designed with super-conductive wires(I scientifically assume) i.e. with zero impedance at any length.

To some point designers of audio components sacrifice the noise canceling for the shorter and more transperent signal path. In this case the solution to the reducing noise floor is using less-sencitive(efficient) speakers and possibly power conditioners. MIT wires are also can be a cost-effective solution(with noise canceling networks) in that case(except mega-priced ones) but that also reduces transperency that had been originally meant.

As to actively shielded ones how many outlets extra you're going to need if you use them? It seems by killing RF you're waking up more AC(if applicable)