Powercords for Krell 400xi ?

I'm looking for an improvement in depth, bass and lower floor noise. One's that I've considered are PS Audio, Blue Circle B62, Moray James, Micheal Wolff Gain. The Krell is already quiet but if at possible I'd like an even blacker background.

I have heard that an Elrod, DCCA or Electraglide would make the biggest impact,

can a PS Audio or Blue Circle give you most of what the big boy's give or do you really have the spend the extra dough?
Elrod EPS-3 Signature or the ECCA power cords are some realy god options. Get in touch with Don at DCCA and have him send you one.

Happy Listening.
Used, Pure Note Sigma. I use it on all my Krell Class A gear.

Iam evaluating a Elrod EPS-3 signature, right now on my Krell, FPB 200 power amp AND IAM IMPRESSED!!!! just when you think your system couldn't get better it does with the Elrod. Subtle detail, cleaner without taking away from the music, more bass extention. Not sure if $1650!!! justifys!!?? these re-finements, oh what the heck you only live once. All I can tell you if you get one you'll be hooked!!!!!!
Thanks for the suggestions. I can't find any info on the Pure Note. I have started looking at the PS Audio LAB 1,2 and Xstream Statement. Seem's like alot of Krell owners use PS Audio PC's. I've all but scratched the BC62 off the list.
Yah I would go with the DCCA.
No doubt the DCCA pc are one of the best, I have
tried in my system, email Don, if you are not happy,
you can return them, I will bet, you will not return
them, and the service is world class too.
You can get a used Elrod Statement here on Agon for less than the $1650 mentioned for the much lower quality Elrod EPS-3 Sig. You will probably be very impressed and never sell it. Overall sonics are just amazing, as is blackness of the background. A world-class cable for amps.
The Pure Note Paragon on my Krells. Best PC for the money, IMO.
I was using Shunyata Anaconnda Alpha with my Krell. After trying many. Realy brings out the bass tonal quality. I mean, not just deep thump but clear smooth bass notes. Quite pleasing!
The Decca has been descibed as being very ridgid and hard to use.
After owning the Virtual Dynamics Master Power Cord , I avoid Extremly rigid Power cords . You may be able to have a straight shot to your outlet, I do not.
Purist Dominus is an ideal match for Krell.
Pure Note site: http://www.purenote.com. Tim says look for a sale in March.