Powercords for CJ CT-5


I'm looking at replacing the stock PC on my CJ CT-5 and
was wondering if anyone has any experiences they could

I use the CT-5's predecessor, the Premier 16S2. I've tried the Ensemble Dynaflux, Kimber PK14 Gold, and TG SLVR. To tell the truth, differences were very slight. I ended up using an earlier , cheaper TG cord, the HSR-A, and put the other SLVR's on my other components, where they did make a difference.

IMHO, the CJ preamp's power supply is pretty well designed, and doesn't really respond to, or need megabuck power cords. For the money, TG Audio works for me.
I use a PS Audio xtreme statement on my premier 16 series II and it works fine for me. I agree with Oldfogey concerning the need or benefit of upgraded cords on cj equpment as I didn't hear a substantial if any improvement by upgrading to the PS audio power cord on my cj pre-amp. But admittedly I have not done any experimenting with other cords.

Though I have not heard a CT-5 yet, I'm pretty much in agreement with Chuck and Oldfogey re the 16LS. And the latest CJ power cord that comes with the ACT2 (and Premier 140) is probably the best stock cord I've heard. (16AWG, 10ft., translucent H-grade plug) That's not to say it can't be upgraded, I'm sure it can, but for me its partly a matter of diminishing return.

Where I've heard the 17LS, 16LS and ACT2 each benefit is from a Shunyata Hydra, with the 17 taking the greatest relative improvement and the ACT2 the least. But definitely all reap real gains, which, in essence, is a lowered noise floor. That gets cashed out as revealed detail, blacker backgrounds, cleaner separation of leading from trailing edges, etc. For my experience I'd do a Hydra audition before I'd look at power cords.

If you do try different cords, let us know what you discover. And, btw, how do you like your CT-5?

Thanks for all your posts. I do plan on trying some
powercords soon. I have a pair of Revelation Audio
Precepts on order. I'll let everyone know how
things turn out.


I love my CT-5. My previous pre-amp was the Premier 17LS
which I enjoyed. The CT-5 is simply in a different league
though. It has much of the organic goodness of the ACT2.
The ACT2 still has the edge in weight and resolution but at nearly half the price the CT-5 holds its own. This ones a keeper.

I agree with the other posters. standard cable seems to be the best compromise.
I have tried TG SLVR that I used to use on the prem16 and that adds a bit of treble extension (which in my system it does not need) and takes away from the midrange. Nordost valhalla just tightens up the bottom end and again the CT5 does not need it.

I agree with Cmach re the differences between ACT2 and CT5.

I am finding the CT5 is very neutral - in fact for me a little too neutral in the treble - any thing that I can do to soften/ warm up the treble??


How many hours do you have on your CT-5? In my experience
the first 100 hours or the CJ can sound a bit tight
and constricted. According to Lew Johnson it takes at
least 200 hours before things start sounding right. At
the 500 hour mark its fully broken in.

Cmach. I have done 500 hours on it by now.

It just dosn't seem to have that old cj warmth. I have even changed out my cables to cardas golden cross and harmonic truthlink to add some wamth.

compared to driving the phono stage direct into the amps (using endler attenuators) the CT5 reduces the bass a little and adds a subtle but audible lean/brightening effect to the lower treble. It is the treble that bothers me most.

bear in mind that I like a warmer sound.
I was going to recommend different IC's but it looks
like you have gone down that road already. For what
its worth I did hear a pair of PA Venustas in my
system for a short listening session. They definetly
added some warmth and midrange bloom. Quite nice.
I only had them in for a short listening session so
I can only give you my short impressions.

Your right about the new CJ gear. Their not quite
as toobey sounding as their previous models but
they have been heading down this direction for a
while now.