Powercords for Canary Monoblock Preamplifiers

OK gang. Thus far, you have never let me down. I need a recommendation on powercords that can be purchased (two of them) for under 500 dollars. I just laid down some heavy change for Canary monoblack CA-160 tube monoblock amplifiers and the Canary monblock tubed 903 preamplifier. I am looking for any recommendations regarding the best powercable for the money at this price point. I have some Morrow Audio powercables in another system that I like. I also have some LAT international powercables in a system but their prices have just gone up too much for me.

So I need some help here. The powercables will either be plugged into a Balanced Power Technologies power conditioner or directly into high quality audio outlets.

I am thoroughly disguisted at the cost of powercables; I know I won't get state of the art performance but I want the best I can get for the money. I am a realist.....
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I used to have all sorts of power cords but for the past 10 years, I have been using only stocked simply because I honestly couldn't hear any difference. Perhaps my system isn't resolve enough or isn't sensitive to power cords, or my old ears aren't as golden as they used to be. In any case, I sold most of my power cords and used that money to fund other upgrades and buy more LPs - a far more rewarding investment IMHO.
Sidssp - I can still hear a difference at 52 years old. maybe in a few years I won't be able to and I can unload my stash of power cords over three two channel systems for a bundle of cash. Nevertheless, I am not going to pay much over 250 - 300 dollars per cord. I'll get the best bang for the buck below this price point and forego all incremental benefits above it.

I purchased 2 Verastarr $1600 Reference Power Cord from High End Zone for less than 200 each over on eBay. High End Zone also sells here on Audiogon. I believe they are one of the best cords for the money. I have one on my cd player and one on my integrated amp. Love them!
Hi ,

I know the ca-160 and ca-903 very well.

My recommendation for amp and at a good price :
Acrolink cord with Oyaide 079 IEC and 004 male.
For the preamp : the same but 046 as male.

Contact Gary at 6sonsaudio dot com , nice prices.