powercords for BAT amp&preamp?

any powercord suggestions for a vk-75 and vk-30se or (BAT tube stuff in general)? thanks.
I have a vk60 and vk50se. I've tried the electraglide fatboys, Shunyata Viper, Fim Gold, Kimber Palladian, and Trans Ref.

I personally like the Fim, Kimber and Trans the best. I've also tried all the cords with-without a Cinepro 20. The Bat seems to like without the cinepro the best. Everything else loved the cinepro.

Right now, I have the Kimber on the amp and the Trans Ref on the preamp. Fim was good, wish I had 2 of those to try out...
I found that the power cord from a Sunshine can opener works the best, simply cut off at the can opener end and then get some wire nuts and run it direct to the amp and pre amp. Forget using that IEC outlet it degrades the sound too much. Hope that helps :)
I had tried a Harmonic Tech Fantasy AC-10 on my BAT VK-50SE. Honestly, I cannot hear any difference from a 14 gauge stock cable.

I suggest you save the money and apply it to other component instead. But if you want to try different cables yourself, make sure you can return them if you don't like them.
My BAT loves Whales. Tried Shunyata, Synergistic Research, Transparent Audio, Kimber. Sold them all and now my complete system uses Whales only. They really do a great job on delivering tighter, deeper bass response, they also clear out background noise and render excellent detail. All of the other cords made improvements but none did the job of the Whale especially at its pricepoint. Good luck in the search for your right cord.
I'm in agreement with Jaguar, removed all my Cardas Golden cross cords, and began using Whales throughout my system. They are very quiet and detailed! I'm using ARC LS25 mk2 and Levinson 335. For the price they can't be beat! Happy hunting.
I am using Acoustic Zen Krakatoas on my VK 150SEs, I have tried a bunch including the King Cobra and the Krakatoas beat them all.
Jaguar says it best for me too. Whales add dynamics and clarity. They seemed to take a while to break in on the pre though.
Believe it or not the power cords I got here on AGon from GTT Audio are Excellent. Open and Smooth and 50 bucks each! (My vk500 needs 2). Give them a call or email,they are willing to talk.