Powercords and Speakers

I own a pair of Von Schweikert DB100's speakers that contain a seperate amp in each speaker that powers the bass. They came with their basic cords that are plugged into the wall behind each speaker. Do you think switching up to a better powercord for each speaker will have a worthwhile sonic improvement? I'm a believer in good powercords and use them for my components (Ensemble and Foundation Research LC-1). But since the speaker takes the signal from my mono's, which already have quality AC, and uses it to engage the bass amp; and since we're only talking about bass reproduction are improved power cords worth it? Thanks
I don't know your exact situation, but when I replaced the stock cords on my Quad 63s, it made a very nice difference. The AC is used to power the stators; I would guess it should make a larger difference on the built-in amps on your speakers.

How about this: Get accustomed to listening to only one channel of your stereo (say, right channel) then move the left mono amp power cord to the right Von Schweikert speaker and listen again. IF the PC reaches, you've just tested your idea at no extra cost.

Good Luck!
I would say that it is worth a shot... I had to write a reply when I saw that you are using Ensemble. About 2 yrs. ago, I replaced my Ensemble Mega PC's with power cables from Virtual Image, the Sledgehammer. I bought the original Sledgehammer and it made the Ensemble cables sound extremely muddy in the lower octives, choked off mids, and lacking in extension in the upper octives. Since that time the Sledgehammer has been revised/upgraded and Virtual Image has introduced another power cable called the Pile Driver. The Pile Driver is a sizable step-up from the Sledgehammer and costs more too. My suggestion to you would be to contact V.I. and try their power cables, they have a 30-day trial policy on standard cables, (i.e. 6 feet long with a 15 amp IEC connector). If you are interested, you can e-mail Al, owner of Virtual Image, at virtualimage@juno.com.

Also, a little of topic, V.I. has come out with some killer interconnects, easily beat out the Straightwire Crescendo's that I had been using.

If I can be of any help, please feel free to e-mail me at any time. Zach
I also have powered subwoofers in my Vandersteen 5A's and have tried various power cords. My Three favorites are FIM/CRL Gold, FIM/CRL Silver and JPS Power AC and AC+. A good power cord on powered subs, especially when with a speaker pair, is worth the extra expense. However you don't have to get the most expensive cord with filters, shields etc. because your only powering below 100hz.