powercord to levinson 23.5 and bat cd player

i'm looking for powercords to my levinson 23.5 amp,
no.26 preamp and bat cd player.
i can pay around 1500$ for all of them.
We have sold the Shunyata Black Mamba to customers with the Levinson gear and they have been very pleased with the results. They are available with the right angle connectors for a small extra charge.

No personal experience with the BAT cd player, but you could try one there as well.
The Bat would be very good with either the Shunyata mentioned above or the Referenceglide by Electraglide. The Electraglide is more expensive $1100 versus $700 but a very nice match.

A nice combination would be The referenceglide on the CD player, a Shunyata sidewinder gold on the preamp with right angle $370 and a Synergistic Resolution reference Powercord on the amp $1000 or a mac delta cord on the amp 8 ft $1400.

I know these are much more expensive than your budget but I have a bunch of mint used powercords. And we could make that package work. Or numerous others although the above mentioned package would be extraordinary.
I chose the Pure Note silver power cord $550 (1m) for my Levinsons. I can believe the claims of NO loss from MFG. with the 7.5 gauge silver wire. FWIW. For the BAT maybe a TG audio?
I tried a number of hi-end power cords and ended up with the BMI Whales on my Levinson gear . I have a pair of 20.5s and a 26s . The Whale brought out the big soundstage and realm of the recording. This is previously after having two KC v1 on the amps and Mamba on the preamp.
Don't have a BAT CD player but have a Wadia 860 CD player with another Whale hooked up to to it with same outstanding results.