Powercord to hydra python/Anaconda

I'm looking to get the maximum from my source components.Looking for feedback from individuals who have actually made the jump from shunyata phyton(helix)to anaconda(helix).Was it worth the extra cost.Are the differences huge,sutle .Was there more instrumental spacing,more everything,please explain.Was it better or worse.I know this is all system dependent.thanks in advance for your participation.And please i'm only interested in the two cords mentioned above.I'm using BAT tube pre-amp,BAT solidstate amp and Meridian CD player.
Hi Music 35
Changind from python to anaconda may not produce the anticipated difference. Changing to Stealth, NBS Black Label, Purist 20th anniv, EPS Sig2, or Statement may do more for the same amount of money.
Do not view this as suggestion, more as encouragement to experiment and experience.
Alex, have you used the Shunyata cords described?

Here is a direct answer. If you can afford it yes it is absolutely worth it. The Anaconda will in a word be more effortless. The added depth, dimension , and power will be noticable. I too have BAT gear (all tube) and noticed what I described. Certainly the jump from the Taipan to Python is greater but in the end the Anaconda jump is worth it.

I find in general the Shunyata cords to be the most natural sounding and coherent of all I have tried. In addition the Helix cords are most flexible.
This is all taste, I guess. Anaconda was at my place for audition, but I found the PC's I mentioned more pleasure to my ears.
The NBS Black Label was at my place for some time. Kharma Ref cord is still at my place, but it is not close. Purist Dominus is the much better cord than Kharma. This one, Black Label, and Stealth Dream Pre, which I just bought were the most beautifull sounding in my set up.
There are many more I did not tried.
My point here is that if you want the upgrade with Python, subtle improvement with Anaconda will change very little.
I sincerely appreciate the responce.I will try to be more open minded about cable selection.I will chech into some of the other sugestions.Thank you all.
Hi Musik35: About 3 months ago, I made exactly the upgrade that you are contemplating. Specifically, I changed the feed to my Hydra V-Ray from a Python Helix to an Anaconda Helix. The result was a really large improvement, far beyond the 20% gain that many internet posters have claimed. In my system (Meridian CD player, VTL Preamp, Burmester Amp), I heard much improved effortlessness, musicality, blacker background, tighter bass, less glare / hash in the upper treble, and much more air in the soundstage. Overall, an immediately apparent and highly cost effective gain in my system's ability to engage me. I also tried this upgrade on each individual component. Here I found improvements of a similar nature but of far less magnitude. My Amp benefited the most, followed by the CD Player folowed by the Preamp (where I would stick with the Python). I highly recommend that you try the Anaconda from a dealer who will let you audition it with no obligation.