Powercord s for Benchmark Dac 1

Although some reviews claims that the Benchmark Dac 1 is not sensitive to AC cord, i find the opposite to be true.
I tried a bunch of PC's DIYe'rs and there seems to be different sonic signatures.

Anyone care to give some suggestions as to what PC's seems to work well with the Dac 1 ? I'd like to limit the cost to $300 to $500 the most.

Thanks for inputs.
Hello, for your price range, the Shunyata Taipan Helix vx will be your best results. You can buy a used set rated 9/10 for around $450-485. One more advise, if you are going to use a good pc, then you will need to change your fuses, it doesn't do you any good having a good pc and the cheap 25 cent fuses that come with the unit restrict your flow. The fuses that I would suggest are the hifi-tunning fuses. To can buy these fuses at thecableco.com for $29.00 ea.. In fact, all your gear should be with these fuses.