Powercord for THETA CASANOVA

I have a synergistic ac coupler and a reference ac coupler. I like the reference I can use it on either my amp or preamp.Just looking for a cheaper alternative.I tried the sidewinder, didnt like it.
Coincident PCs are under $300. Vibrant, detailed with wide deep soundstage. IMO they are a steal.
I have to second Brulee's suggestion. For the money, the Coincident is difficult to fault. However, Brulee didn't inform you that the Coincident PC takes a long time to "burn-in", three to four weeks. It isn't a "weighty or warm" sounding cable, but it lets you experience a good measure of the sonic of the "super" PCs. Goodluck.
Vansevers Pandora is a mechanically tuneable power cord. Tweek city.