Powercord for PrimaLuna One

Which powercords have you tried with the PrimaLuna Prologue One? What are the effects? Which seems to make the most fulfilling improvement?
PS Audio Statement.
I dropped down a notch and ordered an xStream Plus. It arrived just within the half hour and already I've tried it out on 2 components. It didn't match so well with the Cal Audio Labs CD player--for which it was also recommended. There was just the slightest shriek in the high frequencies of a Bach Mass in B minor and a thinness to a Beethoven 2nd Symphony. But it's now hooked up to a PrimaLuna Prologue One integrated tube amp (2nd system) with excellent results. I'd had an expensive Shunyata Taipan Alpha hooked to it for the last few days and, though the more expensive cable burned the pentodes much more brightly (worrying me some), the sound was not better. Now the Shunyata is on the CDP and that player plays smoothly.

The PS Audio Plus brings out more detail in the massed strings in symphonic music and betters the higher-priced Shunyata (3X) in this. There are a fullness, a warmth, and detail in this Brahms #3 I'm hearing now with the Plus that weren't quite there with the Shunyata. I'm pleased. I think the Plus and the PrimaLuna are a match for each other!

I realize your recommendation was for the PS Audio Statement, but the PS Audio Plus does all I've hoped for in a power cable for the PrimaLuna One. Thanks.