Powercord for Infinity Reference Standard RS II-B EQUALIZER

Does anyone know what barrel sized-powersupply an Infinity Reference Standard RS II-B EQUALIZER uses? I know it 13-14V powersupply. The barrel connectors have I have gotten have been too loose. Need help plz. 


So the common 5.5mm OD has 2 different IDs 2.5mm and 2.1mm. So if you have a 5.5mm connector and it is loose, you probably need 5.5 x 2.1. I have adapters I use in a pinch but I always put a high quality connector on the end eventually.


PS  thinking about it more, lots of these connnectors are just loose and it is the female that is loose, nothing you can do about it.  are you getting good electrical contact?



Hi Jerry,

I don't think there is proper electrical contact.  The output from the speakers are weak. 

Is the light turning on (on the Servo Controller)?

I have had issues with other equipment where the PS is working but not providing all the power per specs.

You could change the power port for a modern locking version.

I suggest you post your concern on the FaceBook Vintage Infinity Group.  Lots of knowledgeable people there.

Some info:  http://www.infinity-classics.de/technik/manuals/RS_IIA_technical_sheet.pdf