powercord for a Symphonic Line La Musica

I am looking for a power cable for mijSymphonic Line La Musica integrated amplifier. My CD transport (CEC TL51x) and DAC (wadia 12) both use a NBS dragon fly power cables, I also tried one with the amp but I don't think it is a good combo. Maybe I am expecting to much since the power cables on my DAC and transport gave a real improvement. Should I expect less of an improvement for my amp or should I use an other power cable for my amp. I am looking for something that doesn't break the bank. Brands that I can buy here are NBS, Shunyata, KEMP, Nordost, Cardas and maybe some other brands. Should I move futher up in the NS series? I didn't like the mine/serpent much.

Any advise is welcome.
Glad you found out about symphonic line --I use virt dynamic master LE 2.0 pwr cords on my symphonic line mono blk amps and have been very pleased. there are number of excellent pwr cords out there --depends on your price range ie like lessloss etc---imho--pwr cords do significantly impact on amps --good luck --rich
Thank you for your reply Rich,

I was thinking to spend up to €400,- for a cable. As a reference I paid €200,- for a single NBS dragon/fly. I have been looking at 2nd hand NBS cables but I am a bit confused. There seems to be a NBS, monitor and a active series but I don't what is the difference between them.

And yes I am very happy with the Symphonic Line amp, was able to buy it for a really good price otherwise it would have been way out of my price range.
Check out the new Reference series of PCs from Tek Line Cables. I am using both the microReference Xtreme and "The Reference" if you can afford $750 PCs, The Reference would be my recommendation
lots of good pwr cords in your price range--400---1500 dollars---good luck you really have to try cords in your system--let them break in at least 2-3wks before making any judgements

As far as I could tell I can buy Tek Line at the their website and nowhere else. I prefer to buy a cable at a dealer new or second hand because I would like to try the cable before I buy it.

How good is a Shunyata Copperhead compared to a NBS dragon/fly? I have read mey good things about the Coperhead, but I am a bit reluctant to believe reviews.
i'm happy with my Ayre power cord. sound wonderfull but it does cost over 1k
Last few days I borrowed some cables. NBS 2X dragonfly III, 1X NBS active IV and 1X active 2.

My current situation is that I have a dragon/fly on my DAC the rest are standard cables. So I started with hooking up the dragon/fly's to my amp and transport. There was some improvement enough to make me curious what would happen if I used the active-IV. Now that was a step back even though the active-IV is about 3 times as expensive as a dragon/fly III it did not improve the sound at all. It added some coloration that I was not expecting from NBS. I quickly replaced the active-IV with the active-II. Now that was more like it. Everything opened up and fell into place. Now if only I could afford the active-II

NBS uses different names in Europe for their cables I think so to clarify things up a bit. From cheap to expensive:
€220 dragon/fly III
€400 mine/serpent III
€630 active IV
€880 active III
€1300 active II
€2700 active I

I have some dilemmas the active-II is to expensive now but NBS is going to replace the active series so should I wait till some active-II show up on the 2nd hand market. Should I maybe buy a 2nd hand monitor-II (the series before the active). Or should I look somewhere else entirely? For my DAC and Transport I really like the NBS but I think that maybe a Shunyata would do better on my amp.

I am open to any suggestions.