Powerconditioners for digital?

Shunyata, Equitech, Sound Application?
Check out the VH Audio Plasmatron. It is specifically designed for digital and computer audio devices.
I like PS Audio and Blue Circle
Also check out Anti cable power cords level 3 - it rejects noice very well
Pure Power, full regeneration with a battery backup, you can even unplug them and run solely from the battery! They are amazing!
I run two isolation transformers in series and a power regenerator plugged into #2 with DAC/transport plugged into the power regenerator:

isolation transformer > isolation transformer > power regenerator > DAC/transport

Works much better than any other configuration in my system.
That sounds like it would provide total isolation, and conditioning.
Did it have have a significant effect on the sound?
I second the Blue Circle. If you go for the Thingee PLC, you'll get more bang for the buck.

I have been experimenting with power conditioners, isolation transformers and power regenerators for years to find the best possible solution to this systemic problem that we all face. I found Synergistic Research Powercell MK II and Bybee Stealth did not get the sound to where it belonged with the high quality components I have. They did not do them justice. So, by trial and error, I found a better solution.

There is only one better solution than the above configuration that I have found:

isolation transformer > power regenerator > my own DIY power conditioner > DAC/transport

Amp and preamp and subwoofer must be on a separate circuit. Otherwise the SQ seriously degrades.

I use an inexpensive medical grade isolation transformer.
Hi Sabai. What is your DIY conditioner? Your isolation transformer? Have you tried an Equitech 2Q just for comparison? Ever try the MIT ISO HC and/or Z Stabilizer 11? How about the original Z Stabilizer?
I was given an original "white toaster" Z Stabilizer unit many years back.
The power switch never lighted up when turned to the on position, the unit itself was dead silent and either the audio system being auditioned was not sensitive enough for me to hear improvement, or the unit just never turned itself on.
Would there have been a way to know for sure if this unit was mechanically or electrically broken rather than just ineffective?
It has been in storage, too good looking to discard, waiting to be awakened by some knowledgable audiophile.
Hi Listener. That original Stabilizer powered on whenever plugged in. The switch was not an on/off but rather for A or B setting options. The light burning out/not working was not uncommon.
The unit is dead silent-plugged in or not :). I doubt it is 'broken'. I have older Spectral Reference pre & amp and MIT reference power cords, i/c's and speaker cables. The effect of your unit is immediately discernable in my system-and I still use the Stabilizer in a rather unique applications-chosen by ear.
Tell me about your system and I will suggest uses. We can chat.