PowerCon Connectors

I see where Audience is offering the Neutrik PowerCon as an optional 20A connector for their Power Chords. Anyone used them? I notice from on-line sources that these connectors are very reasonable with respect to price.
No one?
I am with you on asking the question. I have been
watching hoping to see replies. This looks like an
interesting connector. Have you used any of them?
I have not, Jeff. My DNA-225 is off to Steve McCormack for his Platinum Upgrade. I have spoken to Steve about installing a 20A service for this amp. I have Audience Power Chords (15A) presently and was intrigued as to whether going with the PowerCon connectors worked out any better than a 20A IEC connection in other people's application.
Hi There,

Thought I might chime in on this. There is a local company here in South Africa called Aeolian. They mainly distribute very high-end equipment (eg. Burmester, Avantgarde etc.) but they make their own power cables and distribution unit called the Hush. Since here in SA we have crappy 3-pin plugs, and use a 220V system there are no decent AC conditioners/power strips. The one they produce is quite fantastic and it uses these powercon connectors. Check it out here: http://www.aeolian.co.za/Aeolian%20HUSH%20AC%20Bus.htm

Thanks, X. I know Audience think they are the cat meow, based on an e-mail exchange I had with them. I understand that their locking nature would be a good thing and that they supposedly provide a large contact area. Surprised others here don't have more to offer here since cable design/conctruction seems to have quite a numbero f experts, and otherwise. May be not enough are in use. Plus, not many components come with them so there are not many cords with them either.