Powerchord with the best tight bass ??

Which powerchord with has best tight bass ??
Every power cord you add,to each of your pieces,gives you more bass. The more they cost, the more bass you get. "Custom Power Block" gave more also. Your system may vary, but I doubt it.
In my system, FIM Gold has the best tight bass. Shunyata King Cobra probably had the best BIG bass. However, the KC didn't work as well on amps as it did on front-end equipment. The FIM Gold works wonders on every piece of equipment in my system. It's the first powercord that has. Just MHO.
I disagree with avguygeorge in his comment about the more expensive power cord the better the bass!! There are many less expensive powercords out there that do a much better job in producing a better soundstage,image,tighter bass, smooth highs etc.Further more better bass doesn"t make it a better power cord. All things are system dependent!! What works for one might not work with another!! IMHO Thanks, Steve
Big bass with Whale Elite, TIGHT!
I have to agree with Lak. Out of the top power cords I own,
KC V-1, Maganan Ref the Whale has the tightest bottom end. There is plenty of extension and bass control with the Whale .
the power-cord to whichever amp(s) are driving your vmps larger subwoofers! ;~)

regards, doug

The BMI Whale Elite-KILLER, fat-ass bass!!! Shunyata KC is also VERY GOOD!
You are right Mwalsdor. The bmi whale has a killer bottom end. I am even more impressed with the improvement in detail and dynamics when comparison. I have 2-5ft. whales already and just won another one last night (a 3ft. whale).I sold all my snakes that cost almost double the whale. I use to have a pair of vipers. And currently have 2-whales and a fatboy right now. I have the whales on my Krell amp and preamp and will be putting the latest 3ft. whale on my Wadia 860 CD player which replaces the fatboy. The fatboy is an excellent cable but the bass is a bit too laid back. Will let you know the improvements with an all whale system.
I'll through in a vote for the Whale Elite! Great cord at an extremely reasonable price. Not only is the bass great but I find it very nicely detailed and presents a deep, wide soundstage.