PowerChord from audience-av top class power cable?

I currently experience the benefits of a purist audio dominus power cable for my wonderful Chord SPM 5000 power amp. (By the way: The Chord amp is amazingly good, it replaced a Krell FPB300 with MUCH better results in my system). I have this cable on a loan.
Now I understand that an excellent power cable can make a significant difference.
I have heard good things about a power cable from audience-av called PowerChord. It's a bit complicated to get one for testing in my local area.
Does anybody have listening experience with this product?
Preferably with big power amps?
If you are already auditioning the Purist Dominus, everything else is downhill from there based on my trials.

Is the reason for not buying the Purist after your glowing comments due to price, or is it not for sale?
price is the major reason! And it's my first experience with power cables for power amps. I didn't hear anything else except the standard cable with this power amp. Additionally I heard these relevant improvements at a test during the week, but yesterday (sunday!) I did not hear much of a difference.
If the audience powerchord is nearly the same quality I'd prefer to buy this flexible cable rather than the 4 times more expensive dominus.
Unfortunately I cannot advise you on that choice, I have not auditioned the Audience cord.

I do know from experimenting with Purist, that constant plugging and unplugging to get "instant" comparisons with other cords destroys the Purist's ability to deliver linear tonal balance and compresses the soundstage.

I suggest listening to the Purist for extended periods, then listen to the Audience cords for an extended period. That will give you a long term comparison and allow you to decide what compromises are present with either.

There are dealers that will allow you to try before you buy to help you make this choice. In addition, the used market is very favorable for buyers at present. Buying used is not a lot of risk, except that it may take some time to dispose of the purchase should you be disappointed.

If you are searching for another alternative to the Purist, you might try a Cardas or Shunyata, or even a lower model in the Purist line than the Dominus.

Each of these have strengths and depending on your system, may prove to be your favorite. Experimentation is a must, particularly if you cannot spend the big bucks for a guaranteed performer like the Dominus.