Powerchord audience vs VD nite

Anyone have compared this two cable side by side.
Please dont recommend any other brand.This are
the two pc thatIam really interested in.Possible
use for cd player and amp, and ps audio 300.Thank
in advance.
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Hello Jayctoy,

Yes, I have both chords in my system.
Started with the VD Nite on my cdp and was blown away.
Audiophile logic would dictate that if it sounds so great on the source, it should likewise do wonders on the preamp and amp.
That was not the case for me and my system.
Got to be a little to clinical-sounding for me, so I purchased 2 AU24 pc's for the pre and amp and got the sound more to my liking.
Are there better pc's than the Audience for my pre and amp?
Probably, but I just don't have the time, money and patience to go through the whole process again.
I should note that I threw the Audience on my cdp and removed the Nite and there was no contest, the Nite was by far the better pc-on my cdp.
Rick @ Virtual Dynamics is a good man to deal with.
As always, what sounds good in my system may not sound good in yours.
The only sure-fire way to see if the chords are right for you is to audition them in your system and please make sure there burned in properly.
Hope this helps.
Greh In my system the audience powerchord did very
good on my cd player,but when I got the VD audition,
I am hearing more dynamic,although the audience did
sound just a bit better than the audition. So I
figure the nite will smoke the audience.I might be
be wrong.My friend told me in his system, the audience
performs 90% of the Nite.
I have also had the Audition in my system.
Great chord at its price point!
The Nite is really and truly a whole new level.
90% of the Nite??
Not in my system. The Nite is in a league of its own.
Call Rick, I believe he'll let you audition a Nite.
Greh The audience is 90 percent of nite, I have not
heard the nite yet.I have a feeling the NITE like
you said is in onother level, I agree with you.Thanks
LEVEL, CANT BELIEVE IT.I thought the audience is one of the
best, but the Nite by far the best pc Ive heard,its soo