Powercable for the Benchmark dac.1 ???


I will use the Electrocompaniet Emc.1 up Mk.ll with the Benchmark Dac.1.I use a Transparent Reference digitalt xlr-xlr 110 ohm (aes/ebu) cable - Xlr to my Amp (Valhalla Xlr to Accuphase e-407).what powercable is the best solution for the Benchmark ?
You'll get alot of differing opinion on this but I've had a DAC1 for one year; tried a couple of power cables and find exceedingly small differences between the stock cable (which IS shielded) and moderately priced aftermarket cables. I think the reason for this is that this little gem has an adequate power supply to begin with.

Where I find great differences is with interconnects. I believe this is due to the DAC1 being very neutral and highly detailed.

Anyway, experimentation nevers hurts. Your experiences may be wholly different.