Power Wedge 114 - Voltage Spike Damage

A section of my venerable Power Wedge 114 has apparently been fried by some unprecedented voltage spikes that lasted 4-5 days.  It's only the near-middle "ISO" outlets that are dead.  The other sections are fine.  The slo-blo fuses look good, and I switched them to make sure.  The reset hasn't fixed it.
Thoughts?  Suggestions?
Looks like there are 4 transformers inside. One or more may have been damaged. The units are not too expensive. As the unit has been compromised protecting your equipment,  I would recommend replacement with a new one for safety reasons.
Thanks, I guess it's now an unsafe Power Wedge 112.  ;)
I'll start investigating other options ASAP.  The 114 saved the expensive stuff.  That's why we use these things.
Ancient things usually give out sooner or later. I know part of my Power Wedge did.  
Junk it.
Yep I'm ancient and I'm giving out too.  What do I replace it with?  Recommendations are welcomed.
Any advice on a replacement?  Tice?  Panamax?  I'm a listener, not a tech guy.  Thanks!
Might be time to dump it as its ancient history then move on.
Same thing happened to my Power Wedge many years ago (faulty power company transformer).  Its still sitting in the closet alongside my Tice unit that was blown at the same time.  Please post if you repair it economically, I hate to throw them out.