Power/voltage Regulator

I have a McIntosh tube system and would like to know if a voltage regulator is necessarily to maintain its voltage. Can it really improve the sound quality like others claimed?
A voltage regulator is different than a conditioner.
(though a few of the conditioners regulate the voltage.)
The usefulness of a voltage regulator is really only worth the cost if you have very irregular A/C power fluctuations.
Say plus minus 105V to 135V. (or if your lights dim when the air conditioner, or washer or dryer comes on)
If you get the usual city 115V day to 128V night, that is not enough to bother with a power A/C voltage regulator.
A power conditioner is the thing that makes a difference in the sound. And for that sort of device, only you trying one, can tell you if it is for you.
I started with cheap power conditioner, then the Monster 7000SS and in addition now a Furman REF 20i ($3,500) So I can say, for me, they are worth buying.
Usually a power conditioner will make the signal cleaner, better and the mid and highs clearer. But also almost universally thins the sound a bit. So if you have a too plump midrange and bass, and want to tighten it up. A conditioner IS for you.
If your already on the brink of being lean sounding.. forget it.
I love them because i seek clarity above all else from my system. And have been able to find ways to get a balance between the clarity and the thiness in the sound of my stuff with conditioners on everything.
Conditioners are not for everyone. But if they do what YOU like, you will never want to be without one, or two, or three....
It will also depend on how unstable the voltage is in your area . When I was using a power stabilizer ,with read out , the voltage would drop by 15V at times . Base voltage here is 117 . One would think thats got to make a difference with many components .
Thanks fellow members. I decided to get the Furman AR15 II 120 v voltage regulator and through this responses that explains a lag of detail sound at certain hours of the day. I am currently using Panamax power conditioner and would like to ask if this can be use in conjunction with a voltage regulator. What do you think?
Yes . the regulator should be up stream of the conditioner , they may work well together . I have A Panamax 5510 , now being used for video , One of the better conditioners in my opinion . Make sure you listen closely before making your mind up on anything .
Thanks fellow member. I went through the specs of this Furman AR-15 and they already have a built in power conditioner. So, maybe I won't be using it anyway. However, I'll try it and see if any change of sound. I'll keep u posted.