Power up my Cary tube integrated?

I have a Cary integrated tube amp in storage (SLI something). Is it wise to leave it alone, or wiser to play it for a few hours every month?
I would think it best if you powered it up a few hours every month, if for no other reason than the cycle the capacitors, which should extend their life expectancy.
Fire it up!
Power it up & see if it works - Then keep it or sell it!
If you live in a cold climate, and the unit is not stored in a heated facility: let it reach room temps first. Your tubes will love you for it.
Once a month is not required.. Once every three at most.. once a year at worst will be sufficient.
Sya split it and fire it up every six months and all will be well.

A year is no problem.. two years maybe...
OK thanks everyone! I wired it up and played it for two hours yesterday. I will make sure it do it every so often.