power tube for ref 5se

Hi what power tube are you using in your pre...thanks
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SED 6550 Winged C . Stocked them for next 25 Years :)
The one and only Svetlana 6550 winged C.If you can find one that works better,please let me know.
I bought mine at tubemogul on ebay and they are all from early 2000 and worked fine for me.
Good stuff,thanks,Ive got one.I currently prefer a nos GE 6550a.
I cant go back to the sovtec,so well see what else is happening,cheers.Tung sol black plate mite be worth a try
I use the Tungsol 6550 Blackplate , same as in the CD REF 7.
Up until now there is none better .Fortunately I have bought spare blackplates for both units
Good good Hansk46,I try them in the new year.thanks
is there a place where I can buy Tungsol 6550 Blackplate ?
Hello Veerapaneni,
it seems they are sold out ,I bought mine at Ebay two years ago , they were not NOS , but measured fair enough.At tubeworld.com I just saw some black plates ( used ), very very expensive ,another option is the gary smooth plate
oeps , I mean GRAY smooth plate version of Tungsol