Power switch for VTL MB125 power swich

I have owned a pair of VTL MB125s for the past 10 years, bought them used, one of the amps power/off and on switch has gone bad and I am need of a replacement switch. I have emailed VTL but as usual they have ignored my request and when I call and actually get someone (SHE) they tell you to put the request in an email and then they ignore that as well. I have also emailed a couple of VTL dealers and hopefully that will prove to be fruitful but in the mean time am wondering if anyone can help me source this switch and am wondering if this type of switch would lend itself to a good cleaning with a good contact cleaner? Thanks guys for any info and help. Toobkue

 I have older VTL monos and had the same problem. The switch on mine is a rocker. It is a generic switch that my tech ordered from a parts supplier. Works fine, now. Instead of getting it from VTL, a competent tech will take care of it. If you're doing it yourself, try some online sources, such as Parts Express.

I have the amps on a dedicated circuit, so, instead of using the new switches, I leave them in the "on" position and turn the amps on from the circuit breaker in my electrical panel.
I got the part number off of the part and found one on ebay.  maybe try digikey?

I know VTL wants to help, give them another email and Im sure they will be there for you.
Thanks guys for the info, emailed parts connection last night and will pull the switch out and look for the parts number.

theduker, you are being sarcastic aren't you? I did find it at digikey. Would have thought Chris at Parts Connection sold me the amps as helpful as he was and believe me I will bear that in mind anytime he has anything I need, he will get my business.
I'm glad it was an off the shelf switch.......VTL is the worst company without a doubt that I have ever dealt with.  Bea is useless and Luke Manley  is the most rude and arrogant person I've ever spoken to.