Power supply upgrade to Brinkmann?

I just ordered a Brinkmann Bardo with brinkmann 10.5 tonearm.
I was asked by my dealer if i will want the Ballance PS for an upgrade instead the stock PS that come with the bardo.
(Mind you its not the tube one... But the ballance stock)
Anyone have any experiance with those two PS to comment on the subject?

Thank you!
I have ZYX r1000 airy3 sb for the moment... Im looking for something new.. (Just for fun..) i was posted a question yesterday in here... Hope il get some ideas... Need to suit the 10.5 of course..

Had all 3 power supplies with my Bardo, no big difference until you go with the Tubed unit but I'd put a better ac cord on the original unit which can make a HUGE difference IMO.
thanks Sksos1!

i was wondered how much of a big different the Balance stock PS will compare to the Bardo one... but i couldn't test them before buying, so i ordered the Balance PS on blind... hoping i did the right choice.
the tube PS is way!!! to much $$ for now, may be in the "next round"
I have the Brinkmann Bardo.  I asked their NYC dealer for a price on the RoNT tubed power supply. Current price is just over $5000.  For a power supply.  And yes, I know this thread is almost five years old.
I'm just surprised to read here that the PSs developed for their belt drive turntables are also sufficient and even an upgrade for their direct-drive motor, which I thought was a coreless type.  Whereas one would probably not use a coreless motor on a belt drive, but maybe.