Power supply upgrade to Brinkmann?

I just ordered a Brinkmann Bardo with brinkmann 10.5 tonearm.
I was asked by my dealer if i will want the Ballance PS for an upgrade instead the stock PS that come with the bardo.
(Mind you its not the tube one... But the ballance stock)
Anyone have any experiance with those two PS to comment on the subject?

Thank you!
I can not help you between those two PS units, but I can tell you that the tubed PS is better than the stock solid state PS on the Brinkmann Balance.
(My friend has a Balance and we did an A/B comparison.)
So, if you can afford to really upgrade, I can recommend it.

Good Luck.
thanks Kurt!

i went for the Balance PS instead of the Bardo stock, when ordered... we read on the Brinkman site that it will deliver more quiet on the bass side and more room on the "stage"... how much of a different it will do instead of the stock(?) i guess i will never know :-) i guess it will be good nevertheless :-).
No problem.

FYI: The difference between the two was subtle, so don't worry about it too much. (But when one spends as much on a TT as one does when buying a Balance, one tends to want to get every bit out of it that one can.)

What cartridge are you planning on using?
I have ZYX r1000 airy3 sb for the moment... Im looking for something new.. (Just for fun..) i was posted a question yesterday in here... Hope il get some ideas... Need to suit the 10.5 of course..

Had all 3 power supplies with my Bardo, no big difference until you go with the Tubed unit but I'd put a better ac cord on the original unit which can make a HUGE difference IMO.