Power supply "improvements"for CDP/DVD player

I'm using the Lexicon RT-20 and have been impressed with the improvement in sound by using increased digital isolation, AC power conditioning and upgraded power cords(top MIT).
However, I would also like to make improvements to the internal power supply and find out what the machine can really do.
P.S.There is a subtle but obvious improvement just turning off the display and I feel there is still room for improvement.
Any suggestions?
One simple thing to try is to place a set of three Black Diamond Racing cones (mk3) under the RT20. One cone under the transformer, one cone right under the center of the transport mechanism. Place the last cone some where that make the RT-20 stable and balance.

You will be amazing what $60 can do. A little cheaper if you can find them in the used market here, but they are selling like hot cake.

Please report back.
Dtsag, I appreciate the isolation technique, anything on the power supply side?