Power supply for Cambridge Audio Azur 651P phono ?


Audio Advisor tells me that their Pangea P100 power supply unit is discontinued (only the European version remains).

I wanted to try this on my 651P phono.

What next, what could I use now ?

Thanks if you can help.
I believe that Dusty Vawter at Channel Islands Audio can make one up for you.

I also think that, for the combined price, you can have a much better phono stage. YMMV.
The 300 bucks or so "combined price" of my 640P/Pangea P100 make some very nice sounding analog. Seriously nice sounding. It surprises me that Audio Advisor isn't making an upgrade of the P100 to offer with the newer 651P and DacMagic stuff since the things work really well, and sold like proverbial hotcakes. How hard could that be?
I contacted Audio Advisor and was told they could not get more of them from the manufacturer...I doubt this is the truth.
They likely ran out of 'em and moved on. It was an Audio Advisor product supposedly designed by a perhaps "in demand" Peter Madnick (Constellation Audio), so I figure they simply finished the run and can't be bothered to redesign the thing. Cambridge should be the ones selling beefy power supplies anyway, but I assume they think the stock wall warts are fine and they want to keep the stuff at a certain price point.
We're all trying to find the best bang for the buck, so something may sound nice, but not really be competitive within it's price class. "Seriously nice sounding", is unfortunately not a comparative statement.

When I owned the 640P I found it bettered by every other phono stage that I had at the time. That would include the Creek, Musical Fidelity, Musical Surroundings, Graham Slee, Radio Shack and Shure. YMMV, but I would cut and run. Putting a band aid on it won't get you there.

For three large used you could have a Phonomena, Gram Amp 2SE, or Hagermann, which are all in another class. Just my 2 cents.
True enough..."seriously nice sounding" should have been "seriously great sounding" especially with the P100 power supply. Snarky phono stage hoarders opinions may vary.
Snarky yes, hoarder no. I'm down to only three. Need I point out that your ad hominem post still does not help the OP from a contextual standpoint?
If I can lead the OP to a used 640P with a P100, or at least share my thoughts generally about the thing, I've helped make the world a better place in spite of the efforts of pretentious and condescending context police attempting to crawl up my wazoo.
Again, give up your ad hominem rambling; only a child takes offense when his toy is criticized. The OP doesn't want a 640 as he already has a 651; what he wants is an enhanced power supply, and I am the only one in the thread that made a viable suggestion. To wit to call Dusty Vawter at Channel Islands audio who will, in all likelyhood make one for the OP.
If you can use a soldering iron you could consider this: http://www.kandkaudio.com/accessories.html. The LT3080 is an excellent regulator chip and the use of soft recovery diodes reduce the "hash" generated by the supply.
Well, the software truncated the link above. You will need to click on the accessories link on the K&K home page.
You can't use the term "ad hominum" more than once per thread...it's simply not allowed...too florid. I will defend my 640P to the end! That said, I seemed to have prompted a useful response and I can now rest my case.
OK, I give! Never again, Wolf.