Power supply for bel canto


Did anyone tried an outboard power supply for a bel canto dac or player which is not their outrageously expensive vbs-1 upgraded power supply ?

Thanks in advance for all repliers
It's not really that outrageous.

You use only one power cord (instead of 3) for preamp, DAC and transport.

The VBS is noticeably a step up from the LNS1 which is already a step up from the wall wart that comes with the CD2
The VBS works very differenly from more traditional power supplies in an effort to provide battery-like power (maintains DC power if memory serves), which is I think quite a bit different from more traditional power supplies. I had the opportunity to try the DAC 3.0 in my system both with and without VBS. I was skeptical about how much of an improvement I'd hear, but the improvements were not at all subtle (as you would hope for the price). I can't speak to how other power supplies would work with a BC DAC, but VBS was designed to work specifically for these products by BC and are fairly unique so it doesn't seem likely outside companies would do better. You might spend less, but you may very well get less. Given what I heard I'm saving up my sheckles for a 3.5VBS. For whatever it's worth, and best of luck.

Thanks for the reply. I keep reading that upgrading to VBS will make wonders and then upgrading to the ref umbilical cord will change my life - but that's altogether $2k (dollars not shekels...). So I thought to myself why not audition the dac with a Teddy power supply a/b against the VBS ?
Thing is I can't figure out the type of male connector going into the 12v DC into the dac3.5.
If anyone can help me with the make/type of male connector in the umbilical cord I can fulfill my mission here...