Power Supply for Aragon 18K Pre-amp


I need an isolated power supply for an Aragon 18K pre-amp. The circuit board on my current one is fried and I need to know if there is a way to replace it. Does anyone have one for sale or know how I could get this one replaced?
Finding a power supply that fits your requirements will not be easy to find. Size and electrical requirements both need to be addressed. Not easy. That said most power supply problems can be resolved by a competent tech.

You may also consider just cutting your losses and look at a new/used preamp?
Just see what the voltage and amps are and whether it is DC or AC. As long as it is not an oddball voltage you should be able to match it from most electronic stores. Or better yet contact Aragon. They are back in business and do repairs.

+ and - 24 volts DC.

rkchambers@gmail.com was making replacement "IPS II" power supplies as of perhaps six months ago.

Reasonably priced, and at LEAST as much snort as the IPS, realistically closer to the Ingot.