Power Supply for a music PC

I am having a friend put together a PC for my music. Is there a better power supply I can have him install in the PC?
Corsair RM Series power supplies. Make sure you get a quiet case, as well. Corsair Obsidian series and Cooler Master Silencio are both good choices.
One website I like to go to regarding quiet PCs is Silent PC Review. Great resource for everything to quiet a PC.


A power supply I've always liked are the ones from SeaSonic. Case wise I always loved Antec.
IF you can find a Paul Haynes design linear power supply you will be golden. I have a large one running my Mac Mini and it is awesome. The power supply of my Empirical Audio DAC has a Paul Haynes regulated pwer supply also. Try adn find one.
"04-04-15: Ctsooner
IF you can find a Paul Haynes design linear power supply you will be golden. I have a large one running my Mac Mini and it is awesome."

I'm not familiar with those power supplies. What makes them better? Also, given the fact that you use a Mac Mini, suggests that its an external unit. Do they make ones that conform to ATX?
Endpcnoise.com check out for ideas
Thanks for all of the ideas. I will look into the different units. For a music only machine how many watts are needed?
If you are only using the PC for music, then you don't need things like powerful video cards that use a lot of power. I use a Corsair RM750, and that's probably way more than what I really need. A 550 or 650 should be more than enough.
ZD, I got mine from Steve Nugent at Empiracal Audio. You can't get the Paul Haynes units new anymore, but someone else who can keep up with the demand is starting to make them I was told. Steve uses them in his high end DAC's external supplies also.

I've recently heard other Mac Mini servers set up like mine with Amarra with the same version at mine. He was using another power supply and even he was jealous of mine. Steve really seems to understand the tech side better than most I've encountered in this business. JMHO and I"m sure any of the other great supplies would work wonderfully for him. The whole idea of clean power and plenty of it is what any components is looking for and there are plenty of great and easy to get components out there as this thread has shown.
Paul Hynes is still in business and building new product. After a long wait I think I'm close to receiving a four rail version of his master power supply.

He mentioned that he is finalizing the design of a new model SR10 linear ATX power supply for motherboards requiring all the ATX rails including the additional 12V rail for the CPU and also ATX control compliance to allow it to work properly with ATX motherboards. Be forewarned, however, that this PS will likely price out higher than the PC server that it powers, and that Paul's lead times can be long.
I'm not sure which model I have, but it's his best as I purchased it from a designer who used it with his server for shows. This thing is a beast size wise, but man do I love this server. I have no idea how many rails or anything. thanks of the update Dgarreston. I know Paul was pretty sick for a spell. Glad that he's still making them for folks.
The person that Ctsooner mentions is Alex with Uptone audio. They have a PS that is getting some great reviews. Look up PS-2 or Uptone audio, he hangs out on Computer Audiophile and has a thread going.