Power supply caps for CJ PV-5

Looking for specific cap recommendations to replace the three power supply cans in a Conrad Johnson PV-5. I.e. caps that fit, are appropriate values and appropriate quality. Have seen pics of film caps in these but not that many 60-90 uF 500V. Have found a couple of electrolytics but I need a solid recommendation from someone who has a pv-5 with re-capped p.s.

speak with Ed in repairs at CJ? He is excellent and generally is available if you call CJ in Virginia...number on the website. He is great, and i have known him for many years and owned CJ for nearly 15 years (consecutively).

or try RHB Sound Dezign www.rhbsound.com they are well regarded mod guys who have specialization in CJ. good luck!
Thanks yeah I have an email in to him. He'd told me previously if it's not humming my p.s. caps are fine. But I emailed him again Friday so maybe I'll hear something... I'll check with RHB too, thanks for the lead.