Power suggestion?

I have recently acquired some OMD-15's from a member and am considering upgrading my power. I am currently Bi-Amping them through an ONKYO receiver and thus far the sound incredible to my ear.

What might be a smart upgrade power wise?

Iv'e looked at a few and just don't know a lot about amps?
You might want to re-post your question with Mirage OMD-15 in the title. There is a another Goner here, Johnnyb53, who owns those speakers, but on the new Audiogon you can't directly email another member. I have the OMD-28's but my amp (Bryston 14 BSST) is overkill for your 15's.
"thus far it is incredible to my ear"

Enjoy it.
If you have not read it, you may find this thread helpful:


If you say they sound incredible with what you have, I agree with the other fellow, enjoy!. Incredible is pretty hard to beat. I'm still trying to get the top of the line OMD's to sound incredible.
so you are gonna use the Onkyo as the pre?
I know I'm way late on this...but hopefully I can help. I've got the OMD-28's and love them. For power, I'm using two Emotiva 500 watt/channel Monoblocks (XPA-1). Plenty of clean (cheap) power. That being said, I am toying with the idea of adding a tubed amp and preamp into the mix. After about 15 minutes (warming up) - the XPA 1's sound wonderful and warm.....hence the reason I am really debating hard to introduce a tube amp/preamp.
Mbovaird the OMD 28's require lots of current. I'm not confident that a tube amp will deliver unless you plan to spend quite a bit for one.
Foster_9 - the more I think about it, the more I think you're right. Unless I go to something like a Carver Black Beauty, I think SS or Digital is the way to go. Maybe tube preamp and SS or Digital Amp??

With my 28s I'm using a Bryston 14BSST and Classe CP35 preamp. I'm still trying out preamps. Whatever you do regarding an amp, make sure it produces plenty of current.
Foster - give the Classe CP-800 a listen to. That's what I'm using now. I think it's outstanding.
I'd love to try the CP-800, but I won't spend that much for a preamp unless I hit the lottery.