Power strip plugging order ? Tks

Dear All tried to give a look in archive without the capability to find the reply.
I am one of the un-fortunate in having 2 wall power plugs only. For this reason I installed 2 strip receptacles (4 plug each)to distribute power to all the gears. Considering the following gears:
CD player
Power amp
MC preamp
how would you make the gear split between strip 1 and 2 ?
Which plug order into the strip ? (high absorbtion gears as first or last ??)

Thanks so much
There are two general ways you can go with this:
1. have the analog components on one power strip, and the digital ones on the other (digital components tend to generate more line noise than analog units);
2. put your low-power, source components on one strip, and the high components (power amps, TV, etc.) on the other.

I suggest, if your budget allows, that you get good power strips that also have some kind of line conditioning. Based on my own experience with the Monster Power HTS2000, I can recommend it as a good performer, although there are certainly others that you can choose from.
I think your power amp will probably sound better plugged directly into the wall. Every time I've plugged one into a power strip it has caused some loss of dynamics.
I was just looking at the Super Companion on the Vansevers website. The two outlets closest to the incoming line are marked "amplifier" the next two are marked "analog" and the final two are marked "digital".
Viridian, that`s precisely the order that BPT recommends for their conditioners. Amplifiers, analog, digital, and video without mixing analog/digital on the duplexes.