Power Snake Mamba vs. Synergistic Master

Anyone had a chance to compare the Mamba vs the Master Coupler head to head? Opinions?
Actually..let me expand my query a bit. I am looking to upgrade from stock cords throughout my system. Not ready to spend major $$ yet, so basically looking at the ~ $ 200 price range (used). I was basically looking into the Master Coupler, the Shunyate Mamba (not the Black Mamba) and, after reading a few positive posts, the BMI Eel. I would satart with my pre-amp (BAT) and digital front end (Muse trnasport/DAC), then move on the the amps (Aronov monoblocks). Any recommendations from amongst these three cords? Thanks!
Though I've only recently been delving into the "super" PC cords, I would suggest one other candidate. The Coincident PC only retails for about 275, but is certainly in the league of those that you've mentioned. It isn't embarrassed going up against cords 2X or 3X the price. Regrettably, to really hear the wonder that is Shunyata, you have to go up to their Viper v.II /Cobra/King Cobra models, all significantly more money than you're contemplating. This isn't to say that the other models aren't worthy, just that there is a huge jump in performance when you get above a certain level. The same is true with the Synergistic line of PCs as well. If you can spend around 600 to 700, get the Shunyata Viper II or Cobra PCs. If you simply can't, then get the Coincident. Hope this helps more than confuses.
Hi Alexc; After putting in a dedicated AC and ground system, my whole system was too bright. So I put Syn. Res. on ALL four major components (amp, pre-amp, DAC, and transport) and the improvement was amazing. For the money, the Master Couplers are an excellent product. At the time I did this, I auditioned 6-7 other power cords-- including some $600-700. ones, and the MCs were the best in my system. Next I want to try the SR Reference MCs on sourse components, and maybe some Shunyatas. Good Luck. Craig.
I've been auditioning the Black Mamba on my Meridian 508.24 CD player. It replaces the Synergistic Research Master AC Coupler (which is a great power cord). I needed to make a decision today, because the auditioned Black Mambas are due back this week. Last night I switched them back and forth a few times. The Black Mambas were clearly superior. Deeper bass, more depth in the soundstage, quieter background, etc. Contact Wen-Li at eaudionet.com. he provides an excellent auditioning service and sends you a quality product to try. I just posted the Synergistic Research Master AC Coupler for sale, if you're interested.Good luck!
Alexc, I have 2 Masters on my Meridian front end and a BMI EEL reference on my Classe amp. Both PC's are excellent, I think the BMI is superior, more clarity for sure, great bass and a better soundstage than the SR's on the amp. I'm very happy with the SR's on the digital - a huge improvement over stock.
I've noticed not too many people have tried Custom Power Cord Company Model 11. This cable is a Absolute Sound favorite and is a steal at $270. I think it beats alot of the cables mentioned here. I put one on the power supply of my Audible Illusions M3A, and it made a huge difference. IMHO Best-Gary
Pops - Have you tried the EEL on your preamp or digital front end? Gmele - I would also be interested in the CPC 11...but I've ony seem one up for sale used in the last month..and it was gone in about a nanosecond. If giure for $ 20 -325, you can go up a step or two buying used. Gotta love Audiogon!
Alexc-You can get them from Music Direct and John at The Audio Connection is now a dealer too. I saw one for sale on Audiogon and it was gone before I could snatch it up.Best-Gary
Have not heard the mamba. Have owned black mamba. IMO Coincident PC betters the BM for less than half the money.
I have owned a number of power cords. Including Mamba,SR Master Coupler, NBS Statement II, Electriglide Reference Glide, and the BMI Eel Reference Custom. All excellent power cords and improved areas in my all Levinson system with the new Wilson Watt/Puppies VI speakers. But overall sound characteristics, build quality/construction and most importantly for the money/value the Eel came out ahead of the pack.
Although I have not tried some of the others mentioned above, the Electraglide works wonders on my Joule preamp. Also improved my [highly modded] CD player (thought not as much - ended up using Techline on it), but neither worked as well on solid state amps - using TG Audio there with great results. I'd therefore recommend Electraglide on the preamp, something a little cheaper (but made for front end pieces) on the digital. Don't have any experience with cords for tube amps so I won't comment. You're on the right track - big improvements changing cords!
I bought a couple of Synergistic Master Couplers, and took one of them apart. Then I build my own version using a Wattage 320 IEC connector, a Hubbell 5266 AC connector, and five feet times three of 12 guage solid core ground wire with polyproplene tube as the dielectric. Voila! It sounds exactly the same as the AC Master Coupler. Total cost for materials was $35.00. But don't tell anyone else about our little secret, okay? Cheers.
Alexc, I did try the EEL on my transport and dac, when I did that I had to put the SR on the amp, the bass got a little heavy and slower. I prefer the EEL on the amp, it really changes the whole soundstage, ie, deeper, better imaging and increased clarity on the top and especially the bottom end - I know the front end is usually where PC's make the biggest difference so go figure. My preamp power cord is not detachable. I think what I probably need is the EEL on my front end and amp.
Thanks. I just successfully bid on a pair of five foot Eels. Brian was indeed a pleasure to deal with. A down to earth, straigthforward guy. if the cords are half as good as you and other claim, I'll be keeping him busy over the next couple of months :-)
Congratulations! You will not be disappointed!
I never tried the standard Mamba, it was dicontinued too quickly (like after 2 months, or something). I liked the Reference Master Coupler better than the Black Mamba with either my Rogue or Krell amps. I liked the Black Mamba better than the standard Master Coupler, however. I didn't like any of them on my CD player. Search the threads for my extensive comparison of all of these, and more. It was called "My Sidewinder progress", began in May 2000...Now, the SR Reference seems to be beating the FIM Gold cord on my Rogue amp, ever since I got a PS300 for the CD player.
I bought a standard ac coupler, when I bought my amp. Versus the stock cord their was no contest.It seemed like their were no dynamics with the stock cord.The good bass was gone and speakers faded away.I tried the sidewinder from calen audio.He let audition it for almost a month. I didnt like it on my amp or preamp.It rolled of the highs,to the point that everything sounded dry, dull, lifeless.I not in a hurry to go back to powersnakes anytime soon.If you buy the synergistic from a dealer it has a lifetime upgrade policy.the Reference coupler is next up from the standard.More for sources but can be moved anywhere in the system.The reference coupler is a awesome powercord. good luck......