Power relays to turn on amps

I am looking for a power relay that would plug into the switched ac plug on the back of my pre amp that would, upon activation, throw a relay to power up my two amps and CD player, among other things. There was one for sale here on audiogon made by McIntoch, but that's gone now. Any ideas about who makes them?
beside the mac adcom make's atleast 2 that i know of & parasound make's one also.

i had the mac & the adcom & i liked the adcom better,much better.
I have the Adcom unit that has the nice feature of sequencing the power on and off with appropriate delays. But if all you want is a relay, buy one from Radio Shack and build it in to a regular electrical box.
I use a power director 4.7 it will remote 4 sets of outlets and also provides surege protecton Love the thing. Also provides filtering and surge protection.

I also have 2 relays I had built up If you are intrested you can have them for cheap I no longer need them. Drop me a email. Jason@programmergeek.com