Power regenerators vs conditioners

Hello I have all Luxman equipment mostly and I am now working to see how I can protect my equipment
question : power regenerators vs conditioner 
has any one heard anything better in one or the other 
please respond with your experiences 
I have read reviews but I value the common man opinion 
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I am getting an electrician to do dedicated circuit 20 amp 
I see a lot of good items are 15 amp 
should I also get 15 dedicated ones ?
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Psaudio makes some receptacles for the wall I think I will get that 

So, I’ve been really wanting power regeneration for a while and went out and bought a fairly inexpensive SurgeX piece for my system.  I told my friend about it and he said DONT USE IT!  I asked why and he explained that I have a dedicated 20 amp circuit going to my system and the UPS only is rated for 8.6amps.  So, when you are considering any power piece for your system, take into consideration how much current it will pass to your components.  Maybe I’m oversimplified in my example but it made sense at the time!  Comments?
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