Power regenerator or filter for DAC?

I want to know can I have any benefit by connecting my DAC to power regenerator like PS Audio PowerPlant or using Isolate Transformer or other type of filter like Shunyata Hydra?
What is your expirience?
It never hurts to install dedicated circuits (more bang for amplifiers, but . . ) IF the house (branch) circuits you are using are full of noise from other devices on those circuits (lights, appliances, A/C.) Otherwise not.

Have you measured the AC voltage at your wall outlet? Is it 120VAC +3V and -0V AC, and consistently so, at different times of the day/evening? If yes, then power conditioners/regenerators are superfluous. And the only device that will both reduce noise and improve the performance of DAC's and other front-end and/or source equipment (if you want to spend the money) is a balanced power unit from Balanced Power Technologies, Equi=Tech, and others.

One generally reliable improvement for any DAC is a shielded power cord with (minimum) 12AWG conductors (DAC's love big power cords!) You don't have to spend megabucks, but it MUST have a shield.

I had a ps audio p300 with mwave I. I sold it, and am using a ps audio duet and am quite happy.