Power regenerator/battery backup

Any audiophile grade power product out now, or on the horizon that regenerates line current, provides battery backup for half hour or so, doesn't have a fan that comes on for cooling, and has just four-six outlets instead of the squadron of outlets on the bigger regenerators? Thanks in advance.
I have the APC S20BLK for my music server and video components. I very happy and it kept my computer music server running several times and for quite some time.

2005 Stereophile Product of the Year
Hands down the best one I've found is the PurePower APS.

Check out their site and you will begin to see why, put one in your system and you will know why they have such a devout following.

I second the APC S-Series. I've had the S10 for a couple of months and could not be more pleased. They are also affordable for those of us who don't make very much. I will never plug my Quicksilvers into the wall again.
I second the PurePower. Just installed the 1050 in my system and the difference is remarkable!
For you guys who don't think a power cord change for the Purepower makes a difference in the performance of your system, I've tried a number of them from fairly expensive to very cheap. They can make a positive or negative difference. You can improve on the performance of the sound coming from your speakers (top to bottom). What have I tried: of course, the stock cord, VH Audio Flavor 4, Silver Audio Wattmaster, Acrolink w/ Oyaide Connectors, VH Audio Airsine plus others. Since the purchase of new speakers, I decided to pull out an old standby, the Volex 17604 and this cord has suprised me. With my current setup it is actually producing better clarity, transparency detail, and spatial cues. It needs more time connected to the Purepower (1050) since its only been connected for a day, but the preliminary sound is an improvement on the previous Flavor 4 cord and the stock cord which I re-tried after several months.