Power Regeneration - PS Audio

I'm currently looking hook up my entire system thru one of a few power conditoner/regenerator products. I have an opportunity to get various PS Audio products thru my lcal dealer for a reasonable price. The P600, seems to have the capability to run my whole system at 720W output. Of course the Tri-Vista is capable of pulling up to 1200W @ max output. My question is essentially, will I ever get to 1200W? I can't imagine getting to a 1/3 of that, but would I be better off w/ the P1000 or P1200?

As you can imagine, there is a huge difference in cost!! Would I be better running all the equipment thru a P300 and leaving the amp hooked up to something like a PS Audio HO Ultimate Outlet that doesn't regenerate? I'd rather not throw money away. Unless I can hear the difference, I'm not interested. Safety can be achieved at a far lower cost.

Any feedback would be appreciated.
The best thing you can to your power is get 1 or 2 dedicated lines (circuit) for your gears if you haven't already done that. If you run 2 lines, make sure they are the same phase (both lines from the same incoming line(leg). This will do more than any conditioner or power plant can do. Power conditioner suppresses many things other than noise. Power plant will change your sound. You are putting in another piece of electronics in your system that is not necessay if you have dedicated line. I can always hear that power plant because of all the electronics in it.
Get the P600 model (can be had used for ($1300) and experiment with running the amp thru it. It may sound better running through the P600, or it may not. I have a P600 and I run my JRDG Concentra integrated and a 112 power amp through it. Even at loud (90dB) levels the meters never go above 400 watts drawn. The PS product works wonders in my system.
I currently have a 20A dedicated circuit into this room. There is a separate A/C hooked up as well. It is a new addition onto the house. I'd never run the A/C unit, at the same time as the music, but it's there. The only things plugged in in the room are the lights and the stereo equipment. Standard light bulbs shouldn't draw much current (60W) and shouldn't effect sound?? Most of the listening is done w/ the light from the ajacent room anyway. Plugging the Tri-Vista into the wall made a big difference from the Monster HTS3500. I'm hoping to match, or improve the sound w/ some degree of safety. The PS Audio is only one option I'm considering. I'm looking for others. Thanks!!